LightWedge LED Book Light

LightWedge LED Book Light


1. The new lighting structure design, flat panel illumination, the precise design angle, the light is only illuminated in the reading position, especially suitable for reading in bed, does not affect the rest of others, the original light barrier design ensures that the remaining light on the side is no longer missing;
2, More scientific optical angle design, the light wavelength is close to natural light, the white light slightly yellowish light environment is more warm, suitable for long time reading without causing eye fatigue; brightness can be adjusted, the initial brightness is suitable for reading, special design The ultra-high brightness area can be used for close-range lighting when students walk the night;
3, Lighter overall design, smaller size, easy to turn pages, easy to carry on campus, park, garden, dark places to read and learn, and can be used as a bookmark;
4, More power-saving, longer use time, the use of custom-made low-power ultra-bright, low-voltage LED lights, low power consumption, only use 3 X AAA batteries (Not included)power supply, sustainable use for more than 50 hours , Nanfu  alkaline high-energy battery can be used for one month;
5. More wear-resistant, anti-scratch, detachable unique light barrier design prevents scratch panels. The self-developed and improved ultra-thin plexiglass panel, the exclusive mold technology adopted in the country, effectively prevents the deformation of the old font, the smaller, the surface shrinkage, the and so on.
6. Specially designed handle ring, you can carry it outdoors without wearing your favorite mobile phone.



  • Product name: LED Book Light 
  • Color:Black
  • Lampshade Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: ≤36V
  • Power supply: 3 x AAA  batteries(not included)
  • Size:About 170mm*140mm

Package Included:
1PcxLED Book Light 




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